Volunteer сenter

We need:

50 volunteers from the regions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries
100 volunteers from Yalta and the Republic of Crimea


Dear volunteer, Thank you for your attention to the Forum! We are glad to give you the opportunity to take part in a large–scale event of global significance - VI Yalta International Economic Forum. The Forum is held in the Republic of Crimea. It symbolizes openness, respect and goodwill towards the identity - state, national and personal. Therefore, we are open to volunteers of all ages, all countries and all nationalities.

We approach the process of recruitment of volunteers with respect and goodwill. So, please take some time to fill in our application.

A volunteer is one of the most responsible roles at the Forum, as the general atmosphere and at the premises and the Forum experience largely depend on volunteers. Also, volunteers contribute to the general impression not only about the Forum itself, but also about Russia in general: we are expecting guests and participants from 100 countries of the world!

Volunteers have a fundamental mission. Volunteers are diplomats who make significant contribution to international relations. Join us! We are sure that it is your virtues, knowledge, and competencies that will help to hold the Forum at the highest level of administration and hospitality! Good luck filling in the application and passing the selection process, we believe in you!

Participating in the Forum as a volunteer you become part of a huge team of professionals preparing and holding Yalta International Economic Forum for many years. Besides, you will witness one of the most important annual events in the city of Yalta and in the world economy.

To inform us about your desire to participate in YIEF 2021, register on YIEF website and fill in an application.