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The company was founded in 2013 as a result of the merger of Caustic and SODA open joint stock companies. Today BSK is one of the largest chemical holdings of the country.

Type - joint-stock company.
Shares: - 57.42% owned by Russian Federation.
- 38.3% owned by the Republic of Bashkortostan.
- 11.7% +1 under trust management of the Republic of Bashkortostan.
- 4.28% - individuals.
Location: - Sterlitamak, Republic of Bashkortostan.
Chief Executive Officer - Eduard Davydov
Industry - chemical
Revenue - 64.46 billion rubles (as of 2020)
Headcount - 10,927 people (as of 2020)
Net profit – 13.15 billion rubles (as of 2020)
Investment - 4.8 billion rubles (as of 2020)
Repair funds - 2.6 billion rubles (as of 2020)
Environmental projects – 300 million rubles (as of 2020)
Taxes – 9.6 billion rubles (as of 2020)

Bashkir Soda Company is a company based in Russia. It ranks first in the domestic market regarding production of soda ash and baking soda. Besides, it is one of the leading suppliers of PVC, caustic soda and soft cable compounds. BSK is the only manufacturer of terephthaloyl chloride, anodes with the coating made of ruthenium and iridium, and also polyelectrolyte cationic flocculant.
Main products:
• soda ash
• sodium bicarbonate
• calcium chloride (liquid), calcined calcium chloride
• white carbon and silica fillers
• caustic soda
• soft cable compound
• hydrochloric acid
• Corrosion inhibitors
• wood-polymer composite (WPC)
• terephthaloyl chloride

Strategic partner

CONSTRUCTION COMPANY No. 1 (LLC) has been operating in Crimea since 2017. It has all the necessary resources to deliver projects of any kinds - design, installation and maintenance of lighting systems, including operation, illumination control and development of various dynamic light and color scenarios. One of the prospective areas of the company's business is outdoor lighting of highways, bridges, tunnels, roads, streets, areas around residential buildings, backyards, sports facilities and large open premises (industrial facilities, airports, river and sea ports), etc.
ROSSIYA Bank is one of the largest banks in the local market and one of top 15 lending institutions in terms of net assets. The bank was founded in 1990 in St. Petersburg and now serves 22 thousand companies and more than 600,000 individuals. Its network covers more than 30 regions of the country. The bank's products and services are used by the enterprises of various industries – fuel and energy, defense, science, engineering, aircraft and ship-building among others.

General partner

RNKB Bank (PJSC) is one of the backbone elements of the financial system of the republic. It is one of the largest financial institutions with 100% public ownership in the Southern Federal District. Its reliability is substantiated by a high credit score from ACRA and Expert RA independent rating agencies. RNKB Group of Banks (PJSC) serves 85 thousand enterprises and offers legal entities a full range of financial services, including all types of loans (discounted public loans for SMEs), capital lease, factoring, deposits, security bonds, investment and project-tied lending for various fields of economy, support of financial operations, etc. RNKB Bank (PJSC) participates in strategic projects of both federal and regional level. The bank looks for investors to build successful business in Crimea together.

Official partner

CRIMEAN SODA COMPANY (joint-stock company) is the only manufacturer of industrial grade A (heavy) and B (light) soda ash in the Southern Federal District. The company's production premises are located in the north of the Crimean Peninsula. Its production capacity is equal to 698 thousand tons per year, which makes up almost 13% of the domestic and 0.8% of global demand of industrial soda ash.
Woman of Russia National Award Foundation was established to support and improve the social status of women and their role in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the country, to expand opportunities for women's self-fulfillment.
The mission of the Foundation is to promote genuine and enduring human values: motherhood, marriage, kinship and parenthood, health, customs and traditions, love and respect, social responsibility, humanism, mercifulness and charity.

Partner of business networking area

Alma Valley is a highly advanced winery located in the western part of Crimea in the Alma river valley. Alma Valley has 380 hectares of its own vineyards, inhouse grafting complex and a talented team of winemakers.

Partner for drinking water

KRYM (joint-stock company) is one of the largest manufacturers of beer, soft drinks, bottled mineral and drinking water in Russia. It is located in the Republic of Crimea. The plant was built and commissioned under the guidance of the top European experts.

The classic production process and quality traditions have remained unchanged since 1982.

Session partner

The National Council for Energy Security and Protection of Critical Infrastructure is a community of scientists and leading practitioners in the field of energy and energy-related industries encompassing large-scale scientific and industrial enterprises. The Council has 30 members holding PhD and Candidate of Science degrees in engineering, physics and mathematics.


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