Partner accreditation

Dear partners,

To be accredited to Yalta International Economic Forum, representatives of partner companies of all types should pass online registration in the Personal Account of their delegations.
The online registration procedure:
E-mail of accreditation
Once you pass the registration, the delegate manager assigned to you will send you an e-mail of accreditation with your user name and password to log into your personal account.
Participation form
The employees of a partner company should fill in the participation form and upload their personal photos*
* Photo requirements:
  • photo resolution - 480x640 pixels;
  • use color photo with a white background, ID photo type;
  • file format - JPG or JPEG;
  • full-face (en face), without a headdress;
  • the face must occupy not less than 70% of the photo;
  • maximum file size 20 Mb.
As part of the partner agreement, delegations may use their Personal Accounts to make accommodation reservations, including additional ones (if necessary).
As part of the partner agreement, you may apply for transportation, including rental of additional transport (if necessary).
Pick up your accreditation package at the YIEF accreditation office.

How to get your accreditation package

Representatives of partner companies may get their badges, attendee kits and transportation vouchers against a power of attorney at the accreditation point located at the forum venue based on a prior agreement with the delegate manager assigned to you.

To download the power of attorney form and a template for the list of employees, vehicles and drivers, click here.

The power of attorney should have a list of employees annexed to it. Indicate only those employees who have filled in the participation form and uploaded their personal photos in the Personal Account.

To accredit employees, vehicles and drivers, e-mail the following data to the delegate manager assigned to you:

  • Full names of employees;
  • passport details of employees;
  • vehicle brand names and license plates.