Mass media

Media accreditation policy at Yalta International Economic Forum


1.1. The purpose of accreditation of mass media to VI Yalta International Economic Forum is to guarantee the dissemination of complete and reliable information about YIEF events in a professional manner.

1.2. Accreditation of mass media is mandatory for all YIEF events.

1.3. The employees of mass media companies must respect the rights and legitimate interests of YIEF participants and staff and comply with generally recognized ethical standards.

1.4. The number of mass media representatives who can take part in YIEF is limited due to the intentions of the organizers to provide mass media representatives with the most comfortable working hours and quick access to all necessary resources given the remarkable interest in the event by the media and the limited infrastructure capabilities of the event site, as well as the need to comply with all the recommendations of Russian Federal State Agency for Health and Consumer Rights (Rospotrebnadzor).

1.5. The YIEF Steering Committee may increase the quota at the official request of mass media company if there is a reasoned justification for such a need.


2.1. Accreditation procedure.

Both Russian and foreign mass media representatives may submit an application for participation in YIEF, given that:

2.1.1. Russian mass media companies are registered with the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (hereinafter-Roskomnadzor);

2.1.2. For foreign mass media: Foreign mass media operating in the Russian Federation on a permanent basis must be accredited with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia; If the accreditation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia is not available, in addition to the application to be filled in on the official website, foreign mass media must apply for temporary accreditation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

2.2. Accreditation quotas for mass media

2.2.1. Printed press:

  • newspapers – 3 persons (2 reporters, 1 photo reporter);
  • magazines – 2 persons (1 reporter, 1 photo reporter).

2.2.2. News agencies – 4 persons (2 reporters, 2 photo reporters).

2.2.3. From electronic mass media (including blogs) – 2 persons (1 reporter, 1 operator).

2.2.4. TV companies – 7 persons (2 reporters, 1 producer, 2 cameramen, 2 sound engineers).

2.2.5. Radio companies – 2 persons (2 reporters).

2.2.6. Press office – 3 persons (1 press secretary, 1 photo reporter, 1 cameraman).

2.3. Accreditation application submission and review

2.3.1. Mass media representatives intending to take part in the coverage of YIEF events, as well as specialized media wishing to cover an industry-specific YIEF business event, must submit an accreditation application (hereinafter referred to as Application) through the official YIEF website (

2.3.2. All the fields in the application must be filled in.

2.3.3. Application submission deadline through the official YIEF web-site - September 1 - October 25, 2021.

2.3.4. Application review deadline - 10 actual days from the receipt of registration application for mass media representatives.

2.3.5. The accreditation of mass media representatives is valid for all the days of YIEF.

2.4. Issue procedure of accreditation badges to mass media

2.4.1. Mass media representatives shall receive accreditation badges after the registration application approval by the YIEF Steering Committee.

2.4.2. Accreditation badges shall be issued at the accreditation stands. For locations and working hours of accreditation stands see official YIEF web-site.

2.4.3. Accreditation badges may be issued only if the following conditions are met: in case of availability of a confirmed accreditation in the YIEF database; upon presentation of ID (the ID number must match with the number in the registration form, as well as:

2.4.4. Optionally, the following documents may be requested: from Russian mass media - editorial certificate; foreign mass media - accreditation card issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

2.4.5. Badge are personalized and may not be transferred to third parties. The badge must be well visible during the entire time of presence at the YIEF premises.

2.4.6. Any other accreditation cards are invalid for admission to the YIEF site.

2.4.7. If the accreditation badge is lost or stolen, immediately report about this to any information stand. Lost badges will be blocked. A new one shall be issued on the basis of a written application.

2.5. Admission procedure to YIEF events

2.5.1. Accreditation of mass media is mandatory for all YIEF events.

2.5.2. Mass media will have access to all public YIEF events.

2.5.3. Access of mass media support staff to the YIEF premises shall be based on the relevant access procedure.


3.1. The YIEF Steering Committee has the right to refuse to give accreditation as follows:

3.1.1. Persons who do not belong to mass media and do not hold the positions specified in paragraph 2.2 of the given procedure;

3.1.2. Mass media specialing solely in advertising, reference or highly industry-specific subjects not related to YIEF, except for the trade press;

3.1.3. The YIEF Steering Committee may refuse accreditation without explaining the reasons.


4.1. Mass media accredited at YIEF has the right to:

4.1.1. use all services intended for journalists and press office employees;

4.1.2. obtain information about official YIEF events and exhibitions (press releases, business track, etc.);

4.1.3. use the YIEF press center resources and infrastructure during official events;

4.1.4. participate in press conferences, briefings and other press events.

4.2. Mass media accredited at YIEF shall:

4.2.1. check accuracy of the information provided by him;

4.2.2. give reference to the sources of information provided by third parties;

4.2.3. when receiving information from persons and officials, inform them about audio and video recording, filming and photography;

4.2.4. in the course professional activities, present a badge or other personal or journalist ID at the first request;

4.2.5. not conceal any information or counterfeit socially significant materials, collect information in favor of a third party which does not belong to mass media;

4.2.6. suspend (stop) photo and video recording at the request of the YIEF security service;

4.2.7. not distribute printed materials on the premises of YIEF without the approval of the YIEF Steering Committee;

4.2.8. when using official information and quoting statements of YIEF participants, follow the YIEF Referencing Policy (para. 6), namely, resulting materials shall contain a reference to YIEF and the source of information; and for electronic media – a link to the official YIEF web-site (; it is not allowed to make any changes, additions or distortions to the copied (quoted) information.


5.1. List of prohibited items

In order to avoid any issues with access to the Forum events, mass media representatives are recommended to leave items prohibited on the Forum premises at the place of residence or in a personal car.

List of items prohibited at the Forum premises:

5.2. Accreditation badge

An accreditation badge is required for admission to the venue of the business track of the Forum and a number of events of the cultural and sports track.

Make sure you have the participant's badge and an ID (passport) with you during the entire stay on the Forum premises.

The badge is personalized and may not be transferred to third parties.

If the badge is lost or damaged, contact any accreditation stand for assistance. The lost badge will be blocked with a duplicate issued based on the written application of the badge owner.

5.3. Badge application documents

Mass media badge may be obtained in person or on the basis of a power of attorney.

In case of subsequent changes to the participation application, they must be reviewed. To make changes, contact the Forum information center.

5.4. Badge application documents (on the basis of a power of attorney)

When a mass media badge is picked up by a third party, the following documents must be presented:

5.4.1. ID (passport) of the authorized person;

5.4.2. The original of the power of attorney based on a standard form*;

5.4.3. List of participants (attached to the power of attorney);

5.4.4. Copies of the participants' IDs (passports)**.

*Power of attorney form for legal entities:

**The power of attorney is invalid without a list and copies of IDs (passports) of all accredited mass media representatives. Copies of passports will be returned once badges are issued.

The locations and office hours of accreditation stands will be soon available at the Forum web-site (


When using official information and quoting statements of the Forum participants, the resulting materials should contain a reference to Yalta International Economic Forum and the source of information received, for electronic media, add a link to the Forum web-site ( It is prohibited to make any changes, additions or distortions to the copied (quoted) information.

6.1. For printed media or radio, any article or interview on the results of Yalta International Economic Forum must contain a reference to Yalta International Economic Forum (text or logo).

6.2. For television, any program or interview recorded on the premises of Yalta International Economic Forum must contain a reference to Yalta International Economic Forum.

6.3. For Internet media, any article or interview on the results of Yalta International Economic Forum must contain a reference to Yalta International Economic Forum (text or logo).

6.4. Any photo taken within the framework of Yalta International Economic Forum must contain a link to the source of information.

6.5. For blogs and social networking sites, when using official information obtained through participation in Yalta International Economic Forum and when quoting statements of the participants of Yalta International Economic Forum (with the participant's approval), the resulting materials posted on the Internet (blogs, social networking sites, etc.) must contain reliable and true facts.

The organizers of the Forum shall not be responsible for the statements of the members of the blogosphere and social networking sites.

The YIEF organizers hereby inform that they may use the content of articles, photos and video materials received or created by the mass media in the course of preparation or holding of YIEF events, with reference to the authors of the given materials.


The Press Center of Yalta International Economic Forum press is a functional platform for comfortable and efficient work of the mass media.

The YIEF Press Center infrastructure:

7.1. 20 PC workstations with dedicated Internet and printers;

7.2. Mass media newsletters;

7.3. A dedicated group in a messaging app;

7.4. A dedicated work space with restricted access based on accreditation badges;

7.5. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners.


Mass media relations office: