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Accreditation of media representatives for participation in the Yalta International Economic Forum - 2019 is held from February 1, 2019 to April 10, 2019. To participate in the forum, it is necessary to undergo accreditation in accordance with the rules approved by the YIEF-2019 Organizing Committee. For more information you can contact the Media Relations Directorate:
8 800 222 34 04

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Media Accreditation Rules

1. General Provisions

1. Accreditation of mass media representatives (hereinafter referred to as mass media) at the Yalta International Economic Forum - 2019 (hereinafter YIEF - 2019 or the Forum) is held in order to provide conditions for professional activity in the preparation and distribution of complete and reliable information on YIEF - 2019 events.

2. Accreditation of mass media representatives is obligatory for work at all events of the YIEF-2019 business program.

3. In carrying out their professional activities media representatives are obliged to respect the rights and legitimate interests of the participants and staff of the YIEF - 2019 and to comply with generally accepted standards of ethics.

4. The number of media representatives who can take part in YIEF - 2019 is limited due to the desire of the organizers to provide media representatives with the most comfortable working hours and quick access to all necessary resources because of considerable interest to the event from the media and taking into account the limited infrastructure facilities of the event .

5. The Organizing Committee of the YIEFF - 2019 may increase the quota on the official request of the media if there is a reasoned justification.

2. Accreditation of media representatives

1. Accreditation procedure

A registration application for participation in YIEF - 2019 can be submitted by Russian and foreign media representatives, with:

  • Russian media organizations must be registered with the Federal Service for the Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media;
  • foreign media representatives;
  • in the case of permanent employment in the territory of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia should give accreditation;
  • if a representative of a foreign media does not have accreditation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, in addition to the application on the official website, he must send a letter to the Organizing Committee of the YIEF-2019 on the official letterhead of the organization, signed by the head and sealed by the organization, with a request to provide accreditation.

2. Quotas for media representatives

  • From print media: newspapers - 3 people (2 correspondents, 1 photographer); magazines - 2 people (1 correspondent, 1 photographer).
  •  From news agencies - 5 people (3 correspondents, 2 photographers).
  • From electronic publications (including blogs) - 2 people (1 correspondent, 1 operator).
  • From television companies - 7 people (2 correspondents, 1 producer, 2 operators, 2 sound technicians).
  • From radio companies - 2 people (2 correspondents).

The number of media representatives from the YIEF-201 information partners is determined in accordance with the information partnership agreements.

3. The procedure for submitting and considering an application for accreditation

  • Media representatives wishing to participate in the coverage of the YIEF-2019 events apply for accreditation through the official website of the Yalta International Economic Forum (
  • The deadline for submitting applications through the official website of the Yalta International Economic Forum is from February 1 to April 10, 2019.
  • Deadline for consideration of the application - from 5 working days after receipt of the application.
  • Accreditation of media representatives is valid on all days of the YIEFF - 2019.

4. The procedure for issuing accreditation badges to media representatives

  • Media representatives receive accreditation badges, subject to approval of the registration application by the YIEF-2019 Organizing Committee.
  • The issuance of accreditation badges is carried out in Simferopol and Yalta at the points of accreditation. Information on the location and schedule of the accreditation points will be posted on the official YIEFF website - 2019 (
  • Accreditation badges can be issued only under the following conditions:
  • in the presence of confirmed accreditation in the YIEF database - 2019;
  • upon presentation of a passport (passport number must match the number specified in the application), as well as:
  • for Russian media - upon presentation of an editorial certificate or an official letter on the editorial form of the media organization with the signature of the head or person responsible for personnel work in the organization certified by the organization’s seal (sample letter);
  • for foreign media accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia - upon presentation of an accreditation card of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.
  •  The badge is nominal, its transfer during the work of the Yalta International Economic Forum to third parties is prohibited. The badge must be worn in a prominent place during the entire time that the Yalta International Economic Forum is located.
  • Any other accreditation cards for passage to the YIEFF site - 2019 are invalid.
  • If the accreditation badge is lost, lost, stolen, the media representative must immediately report it to any information counter. Lost badge will be blocked. A duplicate will be issued on the basis of a written application.

5. Rules of access to YIEF events - 2019

  • Accreditation of media representatives is obligatory for work at all YIEF-2019 events.
  • Access to events with the participation of senior officials is carried out according to a special procedure established by the Federal Security Service of Russia.
  • Access for technical staff to media representatives is carried out in accordance with the rules for access of technical personnel to the YIEF-2019 site.

3. Refusal of accreditation

The Organizing Committee YIEF-2019 has the right to refuse accreditation:

• to persons who are not members of the media and do not hold positions indicated in paragraph 2.2 of these rules;

  • media representatives specializing in publications of purely advertising, reference, or highly specialized topics not related to the subject matter of the YIEFF - 2019.
  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse accreditation without giving reasons.

4. Rights and obligations of media representatives accredited at YIEF - 2019

1. An accredited at YIEF - 2019 media representative has the right to:

Use services designed for the work of journalists and press officers;

  • receive information on official events and exhibitions of the YIEF - 2019 (press releases, business program, etc.);
  • to work in the press center of the YIEFF - 2019 during official events, using the infrastructure of the press center;

Participate in press conferences, briefings and other press events.

2. An accredited at YIEF - 2019 media representative must:

Check the accuracy of the information provided to them;

Satisfy the requests of the persons providing the information on the indication of its source;

  • when receiving information from citizens and officials to inform them about the conduct of audio recordings, photographing and video filming;
  • in carrying out professional activities, upon request, submit an editorial certificate or other document proving the identity and powers of the journalist;
  • not to use their professional capabilities in order to conceal information or falsify socially important information, gather information in favor of an outsider or a non-media organization;
  • suspend (stop) photographing or filming at the request of representatives of the YIEF-2019 security service;
  • not to distribute printed materials on the territory of YIEF - 2019 without the consent of the Organizing Committee;
  • when using official information and quoting the statements of the participants of the YIEF - 2019, follow the Policy of Mentions of the Yalta International Economic Forum - 2019.