I want to be a volunteer!
We need:
from RF regions
and from abroad
from Yalta
and Crimea
will be selected
for YIEF

Dear volunteer! Thank you for your attention to the Forum. We are glad to give you the opportunity to take part in the large-scale event of global significance - V Yalta International Economic Forum! The Forum will be held in the Republic of Crimea, it symbolizes openness, respect and goodwill to the state, national, and personal identity! Therefore, we are open to volunteers of all ages, all countries and all nationalities!

We have respectful and kind attitude to the search for volunteers process, so please take the time and fill out the questionnaire.

Volunteer is one of the most important roles in the organization of the Forum, since the atmosphere and the climate of the event largely depend on the volunteers namely. Volunteers have an influence on the opinion that the guests will have not only about the Forum, but also about Russia: guests and participants from 100 countries of the world are invited! Volunteers have a high mission; they are diplomats who make a significant contribution to international relations! Join us! We are sure that your virtues, knowledge and competencies will help us to hold the Forum at the highest level of organization and hospitality! Good luck in filling out the application and the selection process, we believe in you!

Подача заявки на сайте ЯМЭФ до 24 марта (до 18:00)
Application on YIEF site until March 24 (18:00 p.m.)
Форум пройдет 17-20 апреля 2019 в городе Ялта (волонтеры прибывают за 1-2 дня)
The Forum will be held on April 17-20, 2019 in Yalta (volunteers have to arrive 1-2 earlier)
Обучение в Школе волонтеров ЯМЭФ за 1-2 дня до начала форума
1-2 days training at the YIEF Volunteer School before the start of the Forum
Выдача современной и стильной формы волонтера ЯМЭФ (остается в подарок)
Modern and stylish YIEF volunteer`s uniform getting (it remains as a gift)
Предоставление бесплатного проживание и трехразового питания
Free accommodation and three meals a day provision
Предоставление трансфера от места проживания волонтеров Ялты до места работы Ялты
Providing a transfer from the place of residence of Yalta volunteers to the place of work in Yalta
Благодарственные письма. Стажировки в крупных российских и иностранных компаниях
Thanksgiving letters. Internships in large Russian and foreign companies
Возможность стать волонтером на мероприятиях Фонда в других городах и странах
Opportunity to be a volunteer at Foundation events in other cities and countries

Participating in the Forum as a volunteer will allow you to become part of the huge team of professionals which has provided preparation and holding of the Yalta International Economic Forum over the years, to witness one of the most important annual events in Yalta and at the level of global economy as a whole.

In order to declare your desire to participate in the YIEF 2019 project you need to register on the site and fill out a questionnaire..

For any questions you can contact by e-mail: volunteers@yalta-forum.com, in the subject line you must specify the "YIEF-volunteer".