The regatta “CRIMEAN SPRING” will be held on April 20, 2019 in the framework of the Yalta International Economic Forum-2019. The regatta “CRIMEAN SPRING” is included in the program of events of the 1st stage of the International Sailing Festival “BLACK SEA CUP-2019”.


Team participation price:
the vessel 32-35 ft – 150 000 RUB, up to 6 people
the vessel 43-52 ft – 200 000 RUB, up to 6 people
*only formed teams can participate in the regatta

The number of vessels is limited:
• 5 yachts 32-35 feet
• 5 yachts 43-52 feet
• Extra class: 5 yachts 36-42 feet

Terms of registration for the regatta:
Before 10.04.2019 г.

Regatta schedule:
09.00 – Arrivals
09.30 – Boarding Vessels
10.00 – Instructions
10.30 – Alignment & Parade of Sails
11.00 – Start of the competition
12.30 – Finish of the competition & Putting ashore
13.00 – The ceremony of awarding winners and prizewinners

Skipper is provided to each team of participants. If the team has its own skipper, they can control the ship during the race, the presence of the skipper from the organizers on the ship is required.

The competition of the regatta
The competition is estimated to be about 2 hours. The route of the race and detailed coordinates will be given during the briefing of the captains.

Ship branding
Each team can brand the vessel, for this purpose the following surfaces are provided: a banner on the bow, stickers on hulls, a flag. Each vessel will also have the symbols of the forum and the General Sponsors of the regatta.

The Awarding Ceremony
The event will start with the start of the regatta in the main hall of the forum. Live broadcast will be made on large screens installed in the hall.

Coverage of the regatta event
Live broadcast and video filmed with quadcopters and by operators on specially equipped boats will be held during the parade and the competition.

Each team will get a branded prize of the participant, each participant will get a commemorative certificate, and the winners will receive a special prize. There are also special prizes from sponsors.

Video of the regatta
At the end of the regatta a video clip will be assembled that includes: boarding vessels, the parade, special interviews, the competition, the video from the quadcopter and autoboats and the award ceremony.

Telephone for accreditation of the regatta teams:
8-800-222-34-04, info@komparus.ru.

Goals and Objectives

  • Creating a positive image of YIEF
  • Development and promotion of sailing
  • Popularization of maritime traditions
  • Rallying and raising the ethos of sport
  • Support and development of sailing and yachting
  • Involvement of the business community in the unique atmosphere of yachting
  • Demonstration of the Crimean Coast from the sea to the foreign participants of the forum