The program of the Forum is built around the most topical issues of the Russian and world economy, and discussed topics always cover the global agenda for the development of outstanding industries and international cooperation.

In addition to the already traditional for the forum issues of developing a favorable business climate, business protection, construction, development of interregional and international cooperation, the forum's agenda is updated annually on the basis of most topical issues of the day, including the development of the digital economy, cryptocurrency, free economic zones, and countering the spread of false news ..

Significant place in the forum's program is also occupied by the development of the Crimean region: from the development of local infrastructure and traditional industries for the peninsula to counteracting sanctions and overcoming the information blockade of the Republic.

At the same time, every year the program includes more and more business events and sections, which are held in various interactive formats.

In 2018, in the framework of the thematic sessions, speakers, including 300 Russian and 70 foreign experts from various fields, discussed prospects for the development of tourism, construction, winemaking, free economic zones and advanced development areas, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, international and interregional cooperation, countermeasures fake news, environmental issues and quality of life, digital security, availability of financial services and economic policy of Russia.