The advantage of participation

Unique audience of the forum
You will be able to establish new business contacts with leaders of international organizations, business corporations, representatives of political parties, social movements and world-class experts.
Demonstration of the potential of its products and strengthening the company's image
You will be able to bring your products to new markets and sales territories, explore the competitive environment and target audiences, find new ideas for business development. Participation in YIEF events will allow you to support the image of a stable, dynamic company and increase brand awareness.
Get acquainted with innovative services and products of forum partners
Expansion of investment geography
Support of the image of a stable company, which is developing dynamically. Increase of the brand recognition.
Acquaintance with the innovative services and products of the YIEF partners
Expansion of investments geography
The geographical location increases the attractiveness of the Crimea for investment projects that imply the use of sea freight, sea delivery of raw materials or components